Aberystwyth University Extension Request Form

If you are late or miss an exam, you must explain the reasons in writing as soon as possible (usually by completing a special circumstances form) and provide evidence to your departmental audit officer. If you become ill during an exam, you must notify the supervisor. You may still be able to take the exam in a different room or time, usually during the exam retakes in August. The university does not accept «retroactive» renewal applications, so it is important to receive these applications at least 3 days before the due date of your assessment. For more details on the process, form, and service contacts, see the web links at the end of this guide. 18. If that question is answered in the negative, a request for an extension shall not be granted. There is a form to fill out that provides a space to describe the specific issues you have faced this semester and the impact on your studies or attendance. The form asks three key questions: If you believe that your performance on an exam has been affected by special circumstances, you must explain them immediately after the exam to the departmental examiner in writing (by completing a special circumstances form) and with supporting evidence.

If you do not provide it before the exam board meeting, this cannot be taken into account when obtaining your grades. If a student`s performance is not impaired enough for him or her to fail, the department may, with the student`s consent, modify the recorded grade to allow the student to repeat the module and repeat the elements of the assessment that were assigned when transmitting the unassigned grades. 11. The unjustified reasons for requesting an extension are as follows: 28. If the extension officer believes that the circumstances described are so serious that it is not practical to complete the work within the maximum possible extension period, students will be asked to follow the special circumstances procedure. This means that students must complete the Special Circumstances Form and submit it along with the original proof for review by the Department/Faculty Special Circumstances Council. Please click on the following links if you need an extension of the assessment period or if you wish to inform the ministry of the special circumstances: 26. The general principle that the extension agent will follow is to adjust the duration of an extension to the time lost during work on the actual task. This does not necessarily correspond to the period during which a student was sick or unavailable to go to university. 47K When deciding whether or not to grant an extension request, the extension officer will consider the following questions: Examples of evidence may include a letter from a physician or counsellor or a letter from an employee (academic or support staff). However, in some cases, it may be a good idea to provide a statement of support from a relative or friend to comment on some personal issues that may have affected your studies.

Further rules of proof and details about the process, form and contact persons of the department can be found under the web links at the end of this guide. 12. Only ministry extension officers can grant extensions, and only if the course deadline extension request form has been completed and submitted. 23. Timing: If the circumstances occur shortly before the expiry of the time limit and assume that the circumstances are considered genuine and unavoidable, a short extension will be considered. However, if a student is ill for one day three weeks before the deadline, no extension will be granted. 6. Requests for retroactive renewal shall not be considered. In cases where the deadline is not met, students are advised to follow the procedure for special circumstances (see above). 13. The course deadline extension request form can be found in the Templates section of the Academic Quality Manual: www.aber.ac.uk/en/academic-registry/handbook/taught-schemes/.

The application form and supporting documents must be submitted to the academic department at least 3 working days before the deadline. The contact details of the department can be found here: www.aber.ac.uk/en/academic-registry/handbook/taught-schemes/officers/. Applications received less than 3 business days before the deadline will generally be reviewed by the Department/Faculty`s Special Circumstances Committee, and students are encouraged to follow the Special Circumstances Procedure (www.aber.ac.uk/en/academic/special-circumstances/). The only exception to this requirement is if the demonstrable evidence shows that the medical or personal circumstances occurred during this three-day period. If you have problems that affect or will affect testing, project work, or an assignment, it means that advance notice from your department may be able to agree on a short extension. You will need to contact the appropriate extension officer in your department who can help you submit a form and apply for renewal. For more information on the meaning of these icons, see our Guide to Accessibility Symbols. 5.

Decisions on applications will be communicated to the student by email within 2 business days of receipt of the application. 19. The extension officer may request that other evidence be provided in support of the renewal application; We expect this evidence to be submitted before the initial course deadline. If our guide needs to be updated, let us know via this form. 4. Only for the period 2021-2022 can the extension officer grant an extension if there is no evidence to prove, provided that the student has clearly explained why it is not possible for him to provide evidence. 7. There will be certain elements of the work being evaluated for which it may not be possible to grant an extension, para. B example a group presentation or an evaluated group performance. Students should inquire with their department before submitting the course deadline renewal form if they are unsure if an extension can be granted. 14. The Extension Officer reviews applications and students are notified of the result by email within two business days of receipt of the request.

3. Where it is not possible to provide supporting documents using the form, this is not clearly justified, indicating to the Ministry when the evidence will be provided. If available, proof must be provided no later than the last day of the examination period of the semester concerned. If no evidence is presented at that time, this may result in the cancellation of the extension and the assignment of a zero score for the evaluation to the next examination board. Formal measures can usually be avoided if you inform your department of any problem as soon as it arises. We are aware that sharing circumstances that may affect your studies can be a daunting experience, but the But SU counselling service is here to help, so please seek advice if you are not sure if your situation is relevant. 21. If the answer to that question is in the affirmative, an extension will be granted. Students are expected to submit their work at the same time of day as they would have been if they had not received an extension. For example, if the original deadline was Wednesday, November 3 at 3 p.m. .m p.m. and a one-week extension was approved, it would be necessary to submit an extended deadline of 3:00 p.m.

.m. no later than Wednesday, November 10. If you have completed your studies or are having difficulty coping with your studies, the special circumstances process may be able to help you. Special circumstances are generally defined as serious personal problems that have negatively impacted your academic performance or university attendance. It can be, for example, illness, a mental crisis, bereavement or the effects of Covid. 2. Where an extension is granted, it shall be granted for a period of between one and fourteen calendar days, without prejudice to the university`s responsibilities under equality law. However, it is not possible to grant extensions, which means that after the last day of the exam period, a student will work for the semester in which your work is due. In some cases, this may mean that the maximum available renewal period is less than fourteen calendar days. If this is not enough, students are advised to follow the special circumstance procedure found here: www.aber.ac.uk/en/academic-registry/handbook/taught-schemes/name-193260-en.html#d.en.43491. . .


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